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Larry walks through the basics of multicam editing and getting started with the multicam feature. Learn how to group the cameras, create a new multicam clip and adjust the order using the angle editor to prep the workspace for working with videos from multiple cameras. Once the footage is grouped and ready, follow Larry through the process of finessing those multiple feeds into a cohesive video.

Start with setting the audio to a single camera, then move into switching the camera angles with a simple click and more advanced multicam tools. Transitions help make moving from multiple cuts a smooth experience. Learn the keyboard shortcuts for transitions, timing transition adjustments, and adjusting a transition with a roll trim.

Final Cut Pro Plugin - FilmConvert

Creating transitions is an art -- learn the three main types of transitions, when to use them, what emotions transitions bring, and working with transitions in Final Cut Pro. Titles reinforce key pieces of information, Larry says.

Learn how to use titles, how long to leave titles up, where to place titles, and how to format titles in Final Cut Pro. Titles aren't the only type of special effects you can create inside Final Cut Pro. In the first lesson of the final day of the class, get a peek at what's up ahead, including how to add video stabilization, correct rolling shutter, work with images and create special effects like the Ken Burns effect. Recap the editing and trimming essentials to review what Larry says is the most essential thing to understand on using Final Cut Pro.

Larry puts all the editing and trimming together in a final look at the process. The speed of a clip can create drama. Learn how to manipulate the timeline with techniques like freeze frames, variable speed, and slow motion. Decipher the retime menu and learn the tools for manipulating time. The Inspector inside Final Cut Pro allows video editors to make changes, from adding video stabilization to adjusting the aspect ratio. Follow Larry through the Inspector Effects to learn the special effects hiding in this menu.

Video editors can create their own videos directly inside Final Cut Pro using Generators, a tool that's helpful for creating backgrounds for infographics and other items. Larry walks through the Generators and how to use them, along with diving into the Effects Browser interface. Blend Modes originated in Photoshop, but introduce some interesting special effects for video editors as well.

Slow down!

Learn how to use blend modes, change the opacity for regular clips and picture-in-picture, and more in this lesson. Dive into the most frequently asked questions on special effects as Larry explores questions posed by students just like you. Final Cut Pro has a number of different special effects options. Larry walks you through the most useful special effects and how to use them, so that you'll know how to manipulate those oddball effects too. Color correction is a big enough task that entire careers are dedicated to the task. Learn what you need to know on color correction basics to successfully create a color-corrected video inside Final Cut Pro.

Final Cut Pro uses three main video scopes -- the waveform monitor, the vectorscope, and the histogram. Larry walks through how to use each tool in color correction. Learn what colors are most essential to get right and how to manually adjust color in videos inside this lesson.

Work with the vectorscope and waveform monitor to edit color in a video. If the skin color is off, the entire video looks off. Larry walks you through how to adjust skin tones. Every skin tone is different -- this lesson is designed to give you the tools and know-how to correct for every skin tone. Dive into the most common questions on color correction with this short lesson taking questions from students.

Visual effects are only half of the special effects equation.

The Focal Easy Guide to Final Cut Pro X

Walk through audio effects, from manipulating audio levels to creating a stereo mix. Continue digging into audio special effects with advanced techniques inside Final Cut Pro. Work with channel filters to mix voice and music and the limiter filter to correct audio that's too soft. After all that editing, how do you share your video?

Simple Cinemagraphs In Final Cut Pro X - (No Plugins Required!)

Learn about exporting to different file formats and video formats, including. Noel Blake Melbourne Australia. Larry has a unique way of getting the message on the basics across in an easy to understand manner. I have not yet looked at the entire course as I am practicing the steps as I go through the course.

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Many programs of FCP are not presented in the easy to follow manner thatL array does so well. I am in Sydney, Australia, and, due to the time difference it is impractical to view courses live. So I had to purchase on trust which in this case was a good choice. It would be good if Creative Live could perhaps rerun programs so overseas folks could view them at a convenient time. The courses still need to be purchased as I find it best to run it on another monitor and put what is taught into practice.

Video Editing

Well done and thanks for the special offer in July. Tag and extract metadata on a project by project basis. Annotate media for correction and usage in easy to use web-tools. Create rough cut sequences in the web browse. Find and then import material into FCP X or the sequences. Edit and color correct in the NLE. Export with metadata back in to the MAM system.

Trigger file movement or archiving with metadata. Archive video and rushes to nearline such as Object Matrix or to tape. See it in action. Support for managing FCP X projects.

Camera profiles

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