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Spend no more than 15 minutes a day to efficiently lose leg fat and get rid of cellulite. The whole plan was designed by a professional fitness coach and includes pulse workouts to help slim legs and tone your inner thighs. The workout intensity increases step by step , and the workouts divided into 2 difficulty levels to fit people of all fitness levels: Beginner - for those who just started working their legs Advanced - for those who want to challenge themselves Besides, it also provides no jumping workouts to avoid knee pain and absolutely no noise.

No equipment or gym needed, after 30 days, your thighs will look sexier and firmer like never before. How does this slim down my legs? Leg muscles are the largest muscle groups in the human body, especially the thigh muscles. Challenging these larger muscles requires more energy, it also helps to accelerate your metabolism, which will definitely boost the calories you burn, helping to burn fat , create firmer legs and sculpt your buttocks.

Will it make me too bulky or muscular? Unlike men, low levels of testosterone make it very difficult for women to become overly muscular. These exercises only help you get lean and toned. Why are some of us still getting bulky after exercise? It's not from working your legs, but from doing the wrong exercises or forgetting to stretch afterwards. Our exercises come with detailed coaching tips and stretching exercises for your legs.

This helps you start training without getting bulky. Can I customize my own training plan? Of course! We offer more than exercises , so you are free to use them to modify your training plan to fit your own needs. And I think I will do this and the ab one at the same time! I have seen comments saying other people are doing the same thing…so is it all right to do?? Thanks ya all : :. Good luck for everything!

Thanks so much!! I have time for both and I might to the Butt on also! Thanks again for our help! I wish u luck! I want to do abs challenges what is means 5 roll ups it means you do it 5 times or 5 counts only? Has anyone tried this and gotten positive results? Well you can spot tone but not spot reduce because your whole body loses fat not just in one specific place. But you can tone a specific area. Hope this helps! Talked to cassey about this!

Follow what the calendar says.

By Sarah Rector

Day 1, do 5 plie squats, Day 2, 6 plie squats, and etc. There are no reps as the days go on. You just simply increase each number as the days go on. Good luck! Hope this helped clear some confusion:. Why is there 12 days of keeping exercises one to three at the same count, and 6 days of keeping exercise four at the same count?

I think it depends on what else you are doing, and how you are eating. Just wanted to say I am now on Day 7 and have noticed a difference. Just in time for our trip. I always choose beginner […]. If I do the arm, waist, thigh, stomach and butt 30 day challenges as well as walking my dogs and burning around calories every day, will I see and feel results? Do you just do 1 set of each exercise with the stated reps or 3 sets of the reps? For instance on day 1 do I just do 1 set, 5 reps of each exercise or 3 sets of 5 reps for each exercise?

Love your blog and your workouts. One thing im really struggling with is my muffin top!!

It would be awesome of you could do a 30 days challenge of melting muffin tops. So for instance Day 1 I did 5 of each exercise period. Then day 2 I did 6 of each exercise twice. Then day 3 I did 7 of each exercise 3 times. But that seems almost impossible to do 22 of each exercise 30 times at the end of the challenge. How many times do I do each exercise? Just once? I guess you are multiplying the number of days by the number of repetitions which and making it much more difficult. What you are supposed to do is, for each day repeat the exercise as mentioned in the calendar, so:.

Day1- Repeat each exercise 5 times Day2- Repeat each exercise 6 times …… etc Day Repeat each exercise 21 times Day Repeat each exercise 22 times. By the time you get to doing 14, it will be day You start out doing each exercise five times ONCE and each day 1 rep gets added on. When a new exercise is added on, it is done five times ONCE and for five days the others stay the same number of reps.

I even got one of my friends to do it with me! Hi Cassey! Thigh Slimming Challenge Blogilates 8.

7 Reasons Your Thighs Aren't Changing No Matter How Much You Work Out

All Over Full Body […]. I have an important event the following week so I was looking for some exercises to be more healthy and I thought it was a good idea to start in that moment. Hey, I have heard that it is very important to stretch after the workouts, because with the stretching you reduce the tension on your muscles or so. Idk maybe it helps :. Hi guys! Is it one minute or I just count to a number?? Just watch on the calendar.

Count a number. Oh, My Thighs!

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Challenge […]. I have a question, once you hit day 30 of the challenge how do you keep these exercises in your routine? Since I am doing the arms, butt, thigh, and abs challenge by the last day I will be doing quite a bit. Should I then break it down to focus on a body part each day, and maybe add more exercises that focus on that particular body part? Cardio really helps with fat and as for your cellulite, regular exercising, exfoliation, and eating healthy will all aid your body in getting rid of it.

Thanks for the informative information on inner thighs. I usually do 3 sets. Anyone got rid of cellulite with this challange?? Today I started to workout and i did first day of begginers calendar 2. No, maybe just the first days are the easiest. Is it worth it? Did someone try it? If so, pls share results :. He shortens his stride a bit, I lengthen mine. You may feel some aching, or a stretched feeling, or a bit uncomfortable but flat out pain is not good. At least according to the sports doctor I occasionally see for my knee flat out pain is not good. Has anyone completed the workouts and can literally see results.

However, like what kind of results ,like is it ,muscle looking ,tight, skinny , or what. Please let me know. Hi Taylor, you will absolutely see the beautiful results on your body! Do the exercises every day and the results will come, like tinner arms for example.. Have fun! You also need to keep in mind that results are enhanced if you pair your workouts with a clean diet. I try these exercises and do about 25 of each, plus exercises more and I guarantee that these definitely work! Did you not eat healthy? Did you not do the total amount ex.

Yes i followed each exercise. But i see no result of my thighs. One should go for walking or. I dont think anyone has got any good result apart from you. Like said earlier though, were you eating healthy? Healthy eating plays such a huge role in these things.

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You can do pretty much any exercise you want, but if you eat junk, you are not likely to see results. I think that you should combine eating clean with exercise to see results.

3 Minutes Before Sleep: Simple Exercises to Slim Down Your Legs

Furthermore, you should repeat each move times…. If not you can always try the challenge for another 30 days. I am just starting this today, but i will continue to do it everyday so I can be more fit and healthy!

How Does It Work?

Yes and no…jumping jacks, like push-ups, are a full-body exercise and will help everything, but jumping jacks are an impact-based exercise. My advice is to do as the lady says and pair the leg-specific exercises with a healthy diet. How many times do I have to exercise for my lower stomach? She actually has a video for just that! There is actually a couple. Hey sweeties. So are my thighs also slimming down if i do this 30 day challenge as a teenage girl?

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  • Hope for a fast comment. Love yourself and you will be so much more satisfied. Hey cannot wait to start just wondering does this actually cut down weight on your thighs??? I am on day 4 and I have seen some changes, not much but their def. This is so cool. I am going to do all of these challenges and I hope to slim it all down..


    I love this website.. Good luck!! Im stronger. Try it too! Going to start today! My belly is still thin, but my legs got thicker. If so, how much can you lose doing this? You can fill that with the moves from the 30 Day Thigh Slimming Challenge at a minute a […]. Can you please do a muffin top one???? I just want to lose that little bit of fat around my lower stomach. I just started day one today of this challenge!!! The reps are the number before the workout, like 10 pile squats, and ea.

    Is each, as in each side leg :. For lets say the side leg lifts it say ea meaning you do it that many times on each leg ex. Does anyone know how many calories we burn on day 30? Just day 30 alone, the 22 reps of each. Pretty please??? Just follow the numbers given :. Die […]. Bring it […]. Plank jacks, Russian twists, and lying ankle taps. Do i need to do cardio before this exercises so that they can work? Could you do a part 2 for the 30 day challenges? I would love a plank challenge sometime!! I always have to do them on my knees and would like to build up my strength.

    Hi cassey thank you so much for everything.

    Get the latest from TODAY

    I am your follower from turkey. I wonder all they exercises are for one set of day? Will there ever be an arms challenge? How do I get it? Just go into your gmail account and something should say Cassey Ho. Oh i looooove this challenge! It came just when I was discussing the need for this! I absolutely love these neat little workouts!

    I have perfected the nice stomach, back and tummy….. I really like this months challenge! Could we do obliques next month? Firstly can I say I love your vids and the app! Been following you for a couple of years and the fact that you give so much for free is amazing! And to top it off the videos are so fun and cute I just wondered if you were able to do a workout that you could do at your desk in work? I work Mon-Fri For day 1, do I just do 5 pile squats or 5 reps of a particular number of sets??

    Help please? Hope this made it clearer for you :. My right knee always seems to pop when I do these exercises. Am I doing them wrong? Hi, are you using gmail? If so then it will appear at the promotion section. The newsletter usually appear there. Try to check there. Hello Cassey and all the popsters! Pretty pretty please put these into the Blogilates app for the calendar subscribers? That is the same question I have. I started to see results on my outer thighs..

    It is so big up to the point that when I walk, they started overlapping on each other. Love this challenge! And I second the request for 30 day arms! All you do on day 30 is 22 of each exercise. Hope that cleared it up for you. The numbers on the calendar just represent the days of the month :. The video you have…can i just do that every day? I think we also need a 30 day arms challenge … Plz plz plz Love u. Casey, I really am walking funny after doing this challenge and the workout from Monday.

    Thank you Cassy, I hope this time I can stick with it and actually make a difference. I like them too! Hope it helped! This looks great. And will be handy to refer back to at any time. Would love something for calves. I know a lot of people struggle with calves because even when they eat right and they work out, the calves feel like they get bulky rather than slim and toned — i know i do! It is so frustrating! Thanks for the thigh workout though. Appreciate it. Would love to see a back-strengthening Challenge because having a strong and pain free back is worth a lot nowadays.

    Please help. Great workouts here in the challenge, may try this one! Hi, New here! Do you have any modifications to upper body workouts that I can do to work on thinning my mid-section and back? Might be a good topic, how to keep active with injuries… I got frustrated by the pain and the lack of modifications I could figure out. I need some creative active minds out there that can help me work out with tendonitis in both wrists! I am getting married in April, only 6 weeks to go! I have a 5 month old baby and have been using your work out videos at home to get in shape, alone with healthy eating and a little cardio.

    I have had amazing results I am smaller now that I was before I got pregnant. Thank you so much for sharing your videos with us all you are amazing! What should I be doing besides pilates if I want to tone and increase general fat loss? Any tips? Cassey you are such an inspiration to me. I will make my dreams come true just like how you did.

    Keep up with the awesome vids. I just love these monthly calendar workouts… especially the target workouts. Very easy to do. My only queston would be about the side leg lifts. Turning it in towards you would mean you are working the front of the thigh more. Just asking. Your workouts and nutriition information are invaluable. I love listening to you. Thanks for this, Cassey!!! Hi Cassey. I,ve joined today. Thx, you are amazing anf i like work out with you. But if you've got short legs, too much heavy weight training can make you look even stockier. She recommends doing squats and lunges with just your body weight, and to aim for 12 to 18 reps.

    Cardio will also help. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. How Gwen Stefani Makes 50 Look Join Our Day Ab Challenge! How to Make Spinach-Curry Crepes. Your diet isn't very thigh-friendly. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.