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Subjects Mediation, International -- History -- 20th century. International relations -- History -- 20th century. World politics -- 20th century. United States -- Foreign relations -- 20th century. United States -- Foreign relations -- Great Britain. Notes Previous ed. Includes bibliographical references p.

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Found at these bookshops Searching - please wait We were unable to find this edition in any bookshop we are able to search. These online bookshops told us they have this item:. Other suppliers National Library of Australia - Copies Direct The National Library may be able to supply you with a photocopy or electronic copy of all or part of this item, for a fee, depending on copyright restrictions. Tags What are tags? Add a tag. Public Private login e. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, Guide du Chercheur en Histoire de L'Electricite.

The History of the Laser. London: Institute of Physics Publishing, Grace Hopper and the Invention of the Information Age Biography of Grace Hopper with emphasis on her contributions to software programming during the ss.

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Hughes, and Trevor Pinch, eds. Billington Jr. Power, Speed, and Form: Engineering and the Making of the Twentieth Century Power, Speed, and Form is the first accessible account of the engineering behind eight breakthrough innovations that transformed American life from to the telephone, electric power, oil refining, the automobile, the airplane, radio, the long Telephone Pole Telephones Electricity Automobile Airplanes Aviation Radio PW Billington, Douglas S.

Crawford Radiation Damage in Solids A survey of radiation damage in solids presenting various theories of the mechanism of defect production by energetic radiation in a form ready to use. Flight in America - From the Wrights to the Astronauts A history of aeronautics in America and the ways in which American culture - its politics, science, industry, and people - has affected and been affected by the development of flight technology. For decades, women who studies or worked in engineering were popularly perceived as oddities, outcasts, unfeminine or inappropriately feminine in a male world.

Yet, underneath such assumptions, serious questions about the direction and social implications of scientific and technological change persist. Bix l Johns Hopkins University Press Baltimore and London Employment Great Depression Mechanization PW Black, Jeremy Global history of the role of information and technologies for its collection, organization, transmission, storage, and use by governments for successfull application of military, economic, and imperial power.

Yale UP World history-modern Globabl history-modern Information technologyth century Information technologyth century Information technologyth century Information technologyth century Information technologyth century PW Black, N. Henry and Harvey N. The History of Electric Wires and Cables. The History of Philips Electronics N. Sindelfingen, Germany: Privately Edition Privately published. Insight and Industry Blume, Stuart S. Tracking the History of Radar. Designed for both reference use and text use.

Contains both discussion of theoretical issues and practical techniques. David Turning's Man: Western Culture in the Computer Age Bolter considers the cultural impact of computers, comparing the computer to earlier technologies that redefined fundamental notions of time, space, language, memory, and human creativity. A Brief History of Cryptology. Volts to Hertz New York Navy, U.

Michael Faraday and the Modern World. Oxford University Press, Inc. New York: E. Innovation and the Communications Revolution. London: Crosby Lockwood and Son, New York: D.

Appleton and Company, American Standard Inc. Probably s. Manufactured in England and sold in the United States. The British Ferrograph Recorder Co. The authors intend to explain how science really works in an attempt to understand better a system of knowledge tht is regarded in Western societies as the ultimate truth. Moore, Arnold Thackray, and David C. Review appeared NL Footsteps in Science Brown, J. They argue that the gap between digerati hype and end-user gloom is largely due to the 'tunnel vision' that information-driven technolo Harvard Business School Press Boston, Mass.

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The Launching of Modern American Science A book about the three decades between that gave birth to modern American science. Designing Engineers Bucciarelli, Louis L. Bucher, instructing engineer at the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Co. Textbook regarding the functioning of present day commercial wireless telegraph apparatus. Wireless Press, Inc. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, Histories of the Electron: The Birth of Microphysics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, Finn and Helmuth Trischler Ed.

London: Harwood Academic Publishers, New York: Simon and Schuster, The Truth Machine: A Social History of the Lie Detector A social history of the lie detector, exploring how the machine emerged as a technology of truth and a tool for criminologists with links to popular culture as well as science.

Johns Hopkins University Press Baltimore. Stevenage, U. Radar Development to Burns, R. The Institution of Electrical Engineers, New York: William Morrow and Company, Iowa State University: Doctoral Dissertation, Stewart Gillmor Fred Terman at Stanford: Building a discipline, a university, and Silicon Valley Biography of Frederick Terman of Stanford University, long time professor of electrical engineering, dean, and provost, a major figure in the history fo Engineering Educaion in the United States. Weinheim, Germany: VCH, Switiching Circuits and Logical Design John Wiley and Sons London Switching Circuit diagram circuit PW Caleb Pirtle III Engineering the World: Stories from the First 75 years of Texas Instruments In photographs and anecdotes, the book tells TI's history of innovation in products and technologies, including the development of the first commercial silicon transistors, the first integrated circuits, and the first electronic hand-held calculators.

The fFrench made an unsuccessful attempt to breach the Isthmus of Panama and build a canal linking the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Twenty-five years later the U. It also includes information on the fundamental principles of radio, the principle of the superheterodyne, and servicing the cathode ray tube. Legacies Campbell, Mary, ed. Yost Computer: A History of the Information Machine History of the computer from introduction for government and business purposes, to development of personal computers and software, to growth of Internet and socal networks.

Hawthorn Books Inc. Dallas, TX: Heritage Press, Milano: Franco Agneli, Turning Points in Western Technology: A Study of Technology, Science, and History A history of important events in technology and science from the 17th century until the 20th century. University of Pennsylvania; Doctoral Dissertation, Early Modern Europe. Scientific Revolution. Steam Power. Bernard Technology in World History, Vol. Carlson, W. Bernard Tesla: Inventor of the Electrical Age Scholarly biography focusing on Tesla's inventions and his promotion of them.

Bernard Ed. Technology in World History, Volume 1, Prehistoric and Ancient World First volume in a seven volume series for youth on the history of technology, showing how historical change stimulates new technologies and how technological innovation impacts the course of history. Technology in World History, Volume 2, Early Empires Second volume in a seven volume series for youth on the history of technology, showing how historical change stimulates new technologies and how technological innovation impacts the course of history.

Technology in World History, Volume 3, The Medieval World Third volume in a seven volume series for youth on the history of technology, showing how historical change stimulates new technologies and how technological innovation impacts the course of history. Technology in World History, Volume 4, Traditional Cultures Fourth volume in a seven volume series for youth on the history of technology, showing how historical change stimulates new technologies and how technological innovation impacts the course of history.

Technology in World History, Volume 7, Reference Volume and Set Index Seventh volume in a seven volume series for youth on the history of technology, showing how historical change stimulates new technologies and how technological innovation impacts the course of history. New York: W. Guide to U. Army Museums and Historic Sites.

Casey discusses how the car was designed, built, sold and driven, as well as how owners tinkered with it. The author focues on networks of technology, espeically the railroad, built in the U. Basic Electrical Engineering A reference book on basic electrical engineering methods, techniques, etc. Scholars provide twenty-eight articles, with photographs and illustrations, regarding the relationship between the Ohio River and the Cincinnati region. Internet Alley: High Technology in Tysons Corner, How Tysons Corner came to have the 3rd largest concentration of high-tech employment in the United States, beginning with systems engineering firms contracting with the Pentagon.

Beyond the Limits: Flight Enter the Computer Age A book devoted to computers and flight and the intersections of the histories and achievements of these two subjects.

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Lincoln Leonard D. Lincoln, Leonard D. Wildman and the First Alaskan Radio. Paris: l'Institut d'Histoire de l'Industrie, Civil Aircraft of the s. Inventing the Electronic Century: The Epic Story of the Consumer Electronics and Computer Industries Comparative business history of consumer electronics and computer industries, explaining technological innovations and the management decisions that resulted in Japan's rise to global leadership in consumer electronics by s and continued U.

Archives:IEEE History Center Library

The railroad was part of the mid-nineteenth century transportation revolution in the United States. Garland Publishing Inc. A classic Critique of midth century factory, and of depression era conditions. Using silent film techniques and recorded sounds, a critique of the triumph of sound motion pictures over silent film.

Amsterdam: North-Holland Publishing Company, The author argues that the conventional engineering approach to ensuring safety--building in more warnings and safeguards--fails because systems complexity makes failures inevitable. Short biographical articles condensed from articles in the old Dictionary of American Biography. The author populates his narrative with daring geniuses, villains, and victims, all of whom attempted to develop this technology.

Rockets and People: Vol. Siddiqi, Asif. Space Race. Cold War. Sergey Korolev. I Chertok, Boris E. Mollenhoff Atanasoff: Forgotten Father of the Computer This is the first full-scale examination of the Atanasoff Berry computer, invented by John Vincent Atanasoff in the late s. University of Delaware: Doctoral Dissertation, Torino, W Switchgear Stages G. F Laybourne and Co. Switchgear Stages Switchgears power plants and other electrical power applications.

A collected record of papers, discussions and articles. Norton and Co. Bernard Revolution in Science A history of revolutions in science from the 17th until the 20th century. America's Scientific Treasures: A Travel Companion A travel guide for America's scientific places of interest, including monuments, museums, and other landmarks. Gabriella Coding Freedom: The Ethics and Aesthetics of Hacking An athropologist offers an ethnographic study of the origins and evolution of open source software subculture.

It examines hackers and hacking as a technical, aesthetic, and moral project; the politics of acess; and intellectual property. Oslo: Scandinavian University Press, It is the story of the Eastman Kodak Company's contribution to science, technology, art, and popular culture. It is also a biography of George Eastman, who had Harry N. Abrams, Inc. Boston: Bedford St. Martin's, Bedford St. New York: Seaview Books, The exhibit was open from 12 December to 25 May Armonk, NY: M.

Sharpe, New York: Oxford University Press, The Digital Hand, Volume 2. The Digital Hand:. Colume 2 2 vols. The author argues that citizens and their institutions used information as tools to augment their work and private lives, and they used facts to help shape how the c Oxford University Press New York Information processing Business Education Government PW Cortada, James W. Rise of the Knowledge Worker. Boston: Butterworth-Heinemann, The Benjamin Company, Inc.

EE at Union, Craig, E. Chetwode Crawley, M. World in the Balance: The Historic Quest for a Universal System of Measurement The epic story of the invention of a globabl network of weights, scales, and instruments of measurements. It analyzes the cause-and-effect relationship of change and its role in the constant drive for improvement and modernization. Centennial history of the South African Institute of Electrical Engineers by one of its past presidents. Chris van Rensburg Publications Johannesburg, S.

Engineering at Yale: School, Department, Council - Place of publication isd unknown: National Council of Engineering Examiners, The Cutter Co. The company helped establish the hobby of ham radio in the United States. It developed a line of receivers and transmitters in the s and manuf Schiffer Publishing,Ltd.

Atglen, PA Hallicrafters, Inc. Sprague and the U. Denis Mee and Mark H. New York: Vanguard Press, Kirsch The Electric Vehicle and the Burden of history The electric vehicle is an old technology that seems ever on the verge of making a comeback. In the late s, the electric engine competed with steam- and gasoline-driven engines to become the standard for automobile manufacturers, and it remained comp Innovation Innovators Automobile Automobile emissions Automobile technology History Culture PW David A.

This updated edition of David A. Mindell's classic account of the ironclad warships and the human dimension of modern warfare comme Warfare Technology Civil War Innovation History Navy, U. PW David B. Fogel, ed. Evolutionary Computation: The Fossil Record Featuring copious introductory material by distinguished scientist Dr.

David B. Fogel, this formidable collection of 30 landmark papers spans the entire history of evolutionary computation--from today's investigations back to its very origins more than 4 Computer Science Artificial Intelligence Computer Science Algorithms PW David Berlinski The Advent of the Algorithm: The Year Journey from an Idea to the Computer In The Advent of the Algorithm, David Berlinski combines science, history, and math to explain and explore the intriguing story of how the algorithm was finally discovered by a succession of mathematicians and logicians, and how this paved the way for th History Algorithms PW David C.

Computer engineers and designers, who create software that is bloated with seldom-used features and that intrusively draws our attention to Innovation Software PW David Hochfelder The Telegraph in America: A history of the telegraph in the United States, with emphases on the civil war, financial capitalism, the press, the postal telegraph movement, and the long relationship between the dominant telegraph company, Western Union, with the dominant telephone Johns Hopkins University Press Baltimore Telegraphy Western Union PW David Kahn The code-breakers: the comprehensive history of secret communication from ancient times to the internet History of cryptography and code breaking from pharaohs to modern day.

For 4, years, fierce battles have been waged between codemakers and codebreakers. Lindgren Trust but verify: Imagery Analysis in the Cold War This book documents the role of imagery analysis in the Cold War and shows the reader how information derived from imagery came to influence U. Metuchen NJ: Scarecrow Press, Bowles, eds.

The Social Impact of the Telephone An edited collection of essays on the history of the telephone and the impact of the telephone in terms of gender and urban identities and culture. A history of the development of the telephone and the technological advancements in that field. Edison and his inventions. It is a history of Edison, the inventor, innovator, manufacturer, and inventor of the research and development laboratory. How electricity intersected with perceptions of human, natural, and divine power during the American Enlightenment.

Engineering Foundation: Sixty Years of Service and Annual Report This book contains the sixty year history of and annual report of the Engineering Foundation. The history section includes a tribute to Ambrose Swasey, the founder of the Engineering Foundation, listing of the organization's officers and list Engineering Engineers PW Derek J. Evans New York Inventions Technological Innovations History PW Desmond, Kevin Innovators in Battery Technology: Profiles of 95 Electrochemists This biographical dictionary profiles 95 electrochemists from 19 countries who during the past years have researched and developed ever more efficient batteries and energy cells.

An appendix provides a cross-referenced timeline of innovation. Bachman Harold A. Bachman, Harold A. Wheeler's Legacy. Includes a new chapter on Japan. New York: N. Watson Academic Publications, Oersted and the Discovery of Electromagnetism. New York: Blaisdell Publishing Company, New York: Franklin Watts, Inc. Franklin Watts Inc. Norwalk, CT: Burndy Library, Early Electrical Machines. R and F.

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  • Cowing, eds. Lupisella, eds. Launius, eds. Societal Impact of Spaceflight. Critical Issues in the History of Spaceflight. The Late, Great Pennsylvania Station A history of New York City's Pennsylvania Station, a symbol of the wealth and power of America's mightiest railroad, became a national monument during its lifetime.

    The goals was to take photographic images from space and relay them back to Earth via radio. The Marconi Scandal. Osiris, Second Series, Volume 4. What can happen when a powerful and readily available technology is placed in the hands of a large, still predominately poor population? Radio Manufacturers of the 's, 3 vols. Vestal, NY: Vestal Press, The Early Days of Radio Broadcasting. Inventing American Broadcasting, Johns Hopkins Studies in the History of Technology 9. Sarnoff: An American Success.

    Quadrangle: New York, Quadrangle New York History Television Biography PW Duarte, Marisa Elena Network Sovereignty: Building the Internet Across Indian Country Given the significance of information and communication technologies to social and political life; many US tribes and Native organizations have created their own projects, from streaming radio to building networks to telecommunications advocacy. Electronic Inventions and Discoveries: Electronics from its earliest beginnings to the present. It briefly covers the history of electronics, radio, television, and computers and examines the development of applications.

    Over the next decade, several hundred of these stations took to the airwaves. New York: Harper and Bros. Short biographies including David E. Hughes; Harper Bros. Dunlap's Radio and Television Almanac Chronology of radio and television, and related scientific and technological events from B. Turing Machines.

    Computable functions. Random Access Memory. Von Neumann, John. Turing, Alan Mathison. Nuclear Weapons. The Division produced Avenger torpedo bombers and Wildcat fighter planes for the U. Its wartime production was spread throughout five p William E. Thomas Hughes, trans. New York: American Institute of Physics, Edison, vol. The Papers of Thomas A. Edison, vol 4: The Wizard of Menlo Park, Robert A. Rosenberg, Paul B. Israel, Keith A. Nier, and Louis Carlat, eds. Edison, vol 6: Electrifying New York and Abroad, - Paul B. Edison, vol 2: From Workshop to Laboratory, - Nier, and Melodie Andrews, eds.

    Nier, and Martha J, King eds. Neir eds. Reese Jenkins, et. But in the twentieth century a rapid acceleration took place: a new machine music came into existence, electronic musical instruments appeared, and composers sometimes seemed more li Music Musical Instruments Technology Technological Innovations Synthesizer Speech Phonograph PW edited by I.

    Bernard Cohen and Gregory W. Welch Making Numbers: Howard Aiken and the Computer Collection of technical essays and recollections of Howard Aiken, Harvard Professor, computer pioneer, and pioneer developer of electromechanical digital computers. Electromagnetics An introduction and reference guide into electromagnetics. PW Edward Lucie-Smith A History of Industrial Design The author traces the history of design from its precursors in the ancient and medieval world to the Werbund and Bauhaus, at which point industrial design can be said to have become aware of itself.

    Turin, Italy: Politecnico, Fuel Cells. Volume 2. Some volumes are extremely fragile and six have significant water damage. Johnston Co.

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    J Johnston and Co. They range from the technical specialist with an active interest in the work of this institution to those among the more general public with an appreciati Government Standardization Standards Engineers Engineering PW Elliott, Derek W. Joe Wilson and the Creation of Xerox. New York: Wiley, Alfred A. National and International Systems of Broadcasting: Their History, Operation, and Control A history of national and international system of broadcasting. What they heard was a new kind of sound that was the product of modern technology. They listen Sound Audio technologies in general sound reproduction Architecture PW Emmerson, Andrew Old Telephones This brief historical account traces the story of the telephone in Britain from its introduction in , when it was demonstrated for Queen Victoria, to modern times.

    Shire Publications, Ltd. Lightweight Street and Interurban Cars. Washington D. Army, computing baillistic tables, and later on the development of Eniac. Schwiebert A history of the U. Air Force ballistic-missle arsenal. Air Defense Air Force, U. Video Games A wide range of opinions, theories, and ideas on the impact of video games on children, gender, etc.

    World Perhistory: A Brief Introduction Textbook providing a brief introduction to world prehistory. Applications of Optimal Kalman Filter Theory Unknown Self-published collection of own papers of historical value, with contextual introductions Samuel L. A Solid State of Progress, An Entertainment for Angels: Electricity in the Enlightenment.

    The Correspondence of Michael Faraday, vol. Frank A J L James, ed. Frank A. James, ed. Tweney, Ryan D. Edited, with an introduction by the editors. Kip, Jr. Railroading Around the World The author, a member of the New York Railroad Club, has written a book about railroaders in other parts of the world for the benefit of North Americans. Werner von Siemens, Inventor and International Entrepreneur. Engineering and the Mind's Eye The author attempts to clarify the nature and significance of nonverbal thought in engineering, the mind's eye, and engineering drawings. Fierstein A Triumph of Genius: Edwin Land, Polaroid, and the Kodak Patent War Detailed history of patent and legal conflicts between Edwin Land's new company and camera technology and Kodak in the s, with analysis of the implications of the court's decision in favor of Land and Polaroid.

    Una Panoramica de las Telecomunicaciones A textbook in Spanish of the historical depth of the telecommunications field. Television Engineering Television Engineering: from the studio to the receiver. Harwood Academic Publishers, Washington, DC: Counterpoint, Counterpoint Washington D. Rahman, eds. E and David E. Historical Essays on Meteorology Historical essays on meteorology from High-Tech Society. Balck Inventors in the Age of Segregation.

    Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press, History of American Electronic Laboratories, Inc. The historians are, Patrice Carre, Harm G. James The Correspondence of Michael Faraday The letters in this volume, of which nearly three quarters are published for the first time, reflect both change and continuity in Faraday's life from to , that is between the ages of 49 and James The Correspondence of Michael Faraday The letters in this volume, of which nearly two thirds are published for the first time, deal with many of the far reaching changes that occurried in Faraday's life during the first half of the s, that is between ages of Philadelphia: Franklin Institute, Catalog of exhibit.

    Collinson of London, F. Facsimile publisher: Ecco Print Edition. Oersted: A Man of Two Cultures. Orsted, a man of the two cultures: experimenta, circa effectum, conflictus electrici in acum, magneticam Biography of Danish physicist, Hans Christian Orsted. Stransbergs Forlag Birkerod, Denmark H. The scope of this second edition has chan Radio Communication Receivers PW Fred Osterman Shortwave receivers past and present:communications receivers This book is designed to provide the radio hobbyist or receiver collector with concise information on the value, features, specifications and performance of current and former shortwave communications receivers.

    It provides an historical account of the rise of new technologies. Applications of Digital Computers Taken from a series of lectures at Brown University on the developments in high-speed information processing done by computers. Geshichte der Naturwissenschaften und der technik. Die Tonenden Funken: Feschichte eines fruhen drahtlosen Kommunikationssystems Emerging Infrastructure: The Growth of Railroads.

    Alternating Currents. Nationalized Power in France, W and F. Taylor and Bertha W. Oskar von Miller, , Eine Biographie. Munich: C. Beck Verlag, American Telegrapher: A Social History, This book is not a mere translation into English.. Naperville, IL: Sourcebooks, Inc.

    Andrew J. Williams, Professor

    Sourcebook, Inc. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, One Hundred Years of Submarine Cables 59 pages, index. Trent, Italy: Casa Editrice Publilux, Originally funded in , the BPA has been crucial in driving down the price of electricity for the region. Industrial Research Biography of Willis Whitney, the founding director of the General Electrci Research Laboratory, one of the pioneers of industrial research in the United States.

    Many considered it the best research laboratory in the world. Why did so many transformative ideas come from Bell Labs? Ince The life and letters of Sebastian Ziani de Ferranti Biography of Sebastian Ziani de Ferranti , who was an electrical engineer and inventor. He was most known for his work in AC current in England at the turn of the 20th century.

    New York: Vantage Press, Mechanization takes command is an examination of mechanization and its effects on everyday life. It identifies the main technological elements that entered significantly into medieval European history, their known or probably sources, and their principal impacts. Stuttgart: Geschichte der Naturwissenschaften und der Technik, Anne Ginzton Cottrell and Leonard Cottrell, eds.

    New York: Cambridge Univeristy Press, Modjeski, a Polish-American civil engineer, had an office in New York CIty and during his career he built over miles of bridges. Philo T. Farnsworth — , who has been called the forgotten father of television. Farnsworth drew his first television schematic for his high school teacher in Rigby, Idaho.

    His inventions included the film projector capable of showing a motion picture on a large screen, television, and broadcast television. History of Russian Underwater Acoustics. Van Dyck et. Radio Telephony Technical details of radio telephony wireless telephone, radio. Research, development and uses of radio telephony. Future development of radio telephony. The Wireless Press, Inc. Facets: New Perspectives on the History of Semiconductors A series of essays on the history of semiconductors. Buchalter, Patrick M. Collection of news articles related to Space Shuttle.

    The Francis Press, Washington, D. The Francis Press Washington D. Schenectady, NY: Hall of History, New York: Theodore Audel and Co. Theodore Audel and Co. Audels New Electric Library Vol. The Ghost of the Executed Engineer: Technology and the Fall of the Soviet Union Brief biography of Peter Palchinsky, engineer trained in tsarist Russia, whose life, work, and fate reflect not only the nature of Soviet engineering and industry during his lifetime, but also its patterns of dysfunction to the end of the USSR in The Ghost of the Executed Engineer: Technology and the Fall of the Soviet Union In , Joseph Stalin ordered the executation of Peter Palchinsky, an engineer, for treason, because he spoke out about the technological problems, inefficiencies, corruption, and future collapse of the Soviet industry.

    Historian, Loren R. The Thin Red Lines. London: Standard Art Book Co. New York, Prometheus Books, A biography of Charles Herrold and his work in radio broadcasting. The authors claim The world's first radio station still broadcasting today [] was invented by Charles Herrold in in San Jose, California. Focus on family life, recreation, technology, medicine, health, etc. Dear Doctor Franklin: E-mails to a Founding Father about Science, Medicine, and Technology A review of the history and progress in science, medicine, and technology written in the form of e-mails to Benjamin Franklin from the author.

    American Science in the Age of Jefferson A history of the scientific achievements accomplished during the age of Jefferson. Downey Technology and Communication in American History This booklet is centered around four overlapping communication infrastrucutures: print communication and transportation, networked interpersonal communication, broadcast mass communication, and computer mediated communication.

    Engineers of Distinction Biographical dictionary, roughly equivalent to a volume of Who's Who in Engineering, though perhaps a bit more selective. It is also a history of Biograph Studio, D. Griffith, the motion picture industry and business, and motion picture technology. It is a tale of American economic growth with information about natural resources, inventions, and culture.

    American Heritage Publishing Co. Harry N. Physics and Technology of Semiconductor Devices The s was the decade in which semiconductor devices rose to prominence and attained greater industrial significance. Most of the research and engineering work was directed to germanium. The s can be considered as the decade in which silicon semic John Wiley and Sons, Inc. New York Intel A. American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Inc. Milwaukee, Wis. Byrne, eds. The authors penned a biography of the machine and its place in history as well as the history of computing.

    This is a commissioned corporate history. The complete three-volume history was published in Finnish in Interscience Publishers, Inc. Joseph Henry Washington D. Computers History Univac PW Halpern, Orit Beautiful Data: A History of Vision and Reason since Beautiful Data is both a history of big data and interactivity, and a sophisticated meditation on ideas about vision and cognition in the second half of the twentieth century.

    These lessons have been taken from The Diagonal, a monthly magazine which Mr. Richard W. Lippincott Company, Bryan Taylor, Molly Prickett, J. II: Reinventing the Airplane. Bryan Taylor, Jeremy Kinney, and J. Foreward by Sergei Khrushchev. Francis and Dressel D. Washington, DC: Smithsonain Institution, Candid Science, vol. London: Imperial College Press, Candid Science: Conversation with Famous Chemists. Higgins, Vincent C. Rideout, and James J. Madison, Wisconsin: University Publications, This book profiles 70 of America's leading inventors, entrepreneurs and innovators, some better known than others.

    Franklin Watts, Inc. Goldman et. Radio Phone Receiving D. This set went through many printings. This incomplete Theo. C and F. New York: William Morrow Company, Hawkins' Electrical Dictionary Hawkins, N. Hydroelectric Development in the United States, Volumes 1 and 2. New York: Ballantine Books, When Information Came of Age: Technologies of Knowledge in the Age of Reason and Revolution, Survey of developments in gathering, storing, transforming, displaying and communicating information between and , drawing connections to leading technologies of today.

    Beam: The Race to Make the Laser. Laser Pioneer Interviews. Electronics in the Evolution of Flight. Van Nostrand Company Inc. Lawson, Fusion Research in the UK, London: HMSO, Guerlac Radar in World War II The main purpose of this volume is to record, as thoroughly as space permits, the program of research and development in the field of radar conducted between and under the National Defense Research Committee. The concept of error is central to the design process. These avoid Innovation Innovators Engineering Engineers Mechanical engineering PW Henry Petroski An Engineer's Alphabet: Gleamings from the softer side of a profession This abecedarium is one engineer's Henry Petroski selection of thoughts, quotations, anecdotes, facts, trivia, and arcana relating to the practice, history, culture, and traditions of his profession.

    The entries reflect decades of reading, writing, tal Innovation Innovators Engineers Engineering PW Henry Petroski Success through Failure: the Paradox of Design Success through Failure demonstrates that making something better--by carefully anticipating and thus averting failure--is what invention and design are all about. The author explores the nature of invention and the character of the inventor through an Innovation Innovators Engineering Engineers Theory PW Henry Petroski Engineers of Dreams: Great Bridge Builders and the Spanning of America The author reveals the science and engineering--not to mention the politics, egotism, and sheer magic--behind America's great bridges, particularly those constructed during the great bridge-building era starting in the s and continuing through the 19 Mechanical engineering Innovation Innovators Engineering Engineers Environment PW Heppenheimer, T.

    E and W. Stennis Space Center. T Dover Publications, Inc. Leipzig: AVG, ? Colossus: Hoover Dam and the making of the American century A history of the construction of the Hoover Dam, a gargantuan engineering feat. H and Stripp, Alan eds. The Wired Northwest: The History of Electric Power, ss History of development of hydroelectric power in Pacific Northwestern US, highlighting conflicts among federal, native American, and local governements and salmon and power industries over shape and nature of region's society U. Quebec: un siecle d'electricite. James, eds.

    London: Mansell, History of Technology. Rapport nr. Hampshire UK: Variorum, Wireless: From Marconi's black-box to the Audion. Novato CA: historyofscience. Boys and Their Toys? Masculinity, Class, and Technology in America. From the American System to Mass Production, The Development of Manufacturing Technology in the United States Hounshell explores the American genius for mass production and traces its origins in the nineteenth-century American system of manufacture.

    Segal Technology and Utopia The word utopia means the alleged perfect society. But the definition of what constitutes perfection obviously varies from one person to another and from one society to another. Office of Naval History Washington D. Titanic April Bodleian Library in ass'n with Bernard Quaritch Ltd. Networks of Power: Electrification in Western Society, - American Genesis: A Century of Invention and Technological Enthusiams A book about the era of technological innovation in America from Global Communications Since Geopolitics and Technology.

    The essays address the cultural impace of new media. Canton, MA: Watson Publishing, Space, Science and me. Noordwijk, Netherlands: European Space Agency, The Maxwellians Hunt, Bruce J. A History of Industrial Power in the United States, , Volume 2, Steam Power Second volume of a three volume overview of the evolution of power systems in the United States from to The series addresses the technological, economic, and social elements of this transformation.

    Technologies chosen by a listed panel of experts. The Worldwide History of Telecommunications. Hydro-Quebec, 15 Mai But he also made Biography Innovation Innovators Computer Science Computers History PW Ian Inkster Technology and Industrialisation The essays in the present volume are collected together in the belief that it is possible to demonstrate that the present picture of world development was first sketched in procecesses of technogical change and transfer which took place over a considerab Economics Innovation Innovators Information Age PW IBM IBM: Journal of Research and Development: 25th Anniversary Issue September Contains a series of articles on the history of a variety of areas of IBM resaearch and development.

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