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This is his story Rhaella Targaryen's life through her point of view. She is Septa Lemore now. Or so she keeps telling herself. Maybe she is just lost. In the face of more complicated bestiaries, thus far only four-footed creatures that prowl, it has thus become a parliament of fowls. He was Jon Stark.

Lord of Winterfell. Post-Storm of Swords AU. Tuesday, am by JadedPanda reviews Being a 'creature of the night', Dante has a small problem understanding that other people's sleeping-habits include actually sleeping when it's night-time.

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Especially when he needs to consult the expertise of certain partners. Weep for him tomorrow, or a year from now. We do not have time for grief. We must go, and quickly, before he dies. Complex Designs by Tomas the Betrayer reviews Janet Van Dyne enjoys different ways of dealing with all sorts of men in her life. Little does she know, Ultron is watching. And learning. I sing of Khaleesi Daenerys, the mother and daughter of dragons. I sing the Song of Rhaego Fireborn, brother of dragons. What if Lyanna had survived childbirth and married Robert?

What would happen to Jon? What if Rhaego had survived? What if Melisandre was right? Revised edition now available. A Second Life reviews Ned Stark has endured much grief in his young life, the loss of a family, the loss of his home. But he has been granted the chance to begin again in a foreign land. Learning to Live reviews The War of the Ninepenny Kings took much from the Targaryens, and even a year later one still drowns in grief.

But there is always hope for happiness, if one allows it back into their life. The Nightlands reviews Azor Ahai.

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The Prince who was Promised. The Stallion who mounts the world. Many different names for the same thing. AU: What if Rhaego had lived? Sons of the Dragon reviews Summerhall has come and gone, the Targaryen dynasty is nearing it's end. Yet the blood of dragon still flows within the world, from the heart of Storm's End to the far reaches of Essos, the sons of the Dragon continue to live and love and fight.

A spiritual sequel to War of the Dragons. The King of Winter reviews The Starks have manned the Wall for centuries, and many great heroes have sprung from that line.

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But there is one who would change the Night's Watch forever.. War of the Dragons reviews King Aegon the Unlikely's rule has brought peace to the Seven Kingdoms, yet there is a storm brewing in the East as the Black Dragon prepares for war Little-Corners 3. Unpack with tar xf pebble-qemu-preview. We can't finish the advent calendar without a System z mainframe disk image. Drive your moon buggy across craters and shoot aliens - a clear task for the mainframe.

Disk image prepared by Alexander Graf, game by Jochen Voss. Unpack with tar xf smoon-buggy. This disk image has everything you need to start exploring a series of challenging puzzles into programming languages and obscure systems. Read the full back-story here.

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Unpack with tar xf boundvariable. HelenOS is a modern, general-purpose operating system written from scratch. It is based on microkernel multiserver design principles. Core system functionality is decomposed into isolated, intensively communicating and mostly simple user space tasks. HelenOS is still in development and this is a preview of the upcoming 0. There is a step-by-step tutorial and the HelenOS wiki. Unpack with tar xf helenos. The Mandelbrot set is one of the most well-known fractals.

Contributed by Dr. David Alan Gilbert. Unpack with tar xf mandelbrot. The Ceph open source distributed storage system has become a popular way to provide cloud storage and VM disk image hosting on commodity hardware. Object storage, block storage, and file system use cases are all supported.

A quickstart guide is available, try ceph status. Disk image prepared by Patrick McGarry. Unpack with tar xf ceph. Matrix digital rain fans will enjoy this demo! Tempest Showroom plays melodies on AM radio by displaying specific image patterns. Back when CRT monitors were the norm, there were concerns about electromagnetic surveillance due to the signals that computer systems emitted. Unpack with tar xf tempest-showroom. Plan 9 from Bell Labs was designed as a successor to Unix. Some of its key features made it back into Linux, including private mount namespaces, userspace file systems, and UTF You still need to experience the original where these concepts really work together to achieve an elegant operating system.

Disk image contributed by Stefan Hajnoczi. Unpack with tar xf plan9. This little spaceship game is implemented as a Multiboot-compliant binary so it can be loaded directly by QEMU. Unpack with tar xf invaders. Invaders source code. The source code was released in Try it out and bring the demo to life in QEMU! Disk image was contributed by Paolo Bonzini. Unpack with tar xf 2nd-reality. Oberon is both a family of operating systems and a programming language created by Niklaus Wirth of Modula-2 and Pascal fame.

This image contains the PC Native Oberon variant with an Oberon compiler, network stack, file systems, and graphical user interface. Prepared by Stefan Hajnoczi with help from Peter Easthope.

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Unpack with tar xf oberon. OSv is a guest operating system that eliminates redundant layers of systems software by building a combined kernel, runtime, and application image. The idea is to simplify management while improving performance. Dor Laor contributed this image. Unpack with tar xf osv-redis.

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  4. OSv source , Redis source. Why do things properly when you can attempt them in bytes? This selection of demos leaves no precious byte untouched.

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    Featuring a ray tracer that spells out "QMU", a software-rendered triangle, and a nyan cat demo to rock your PC speaker with a sweet tune. Demos and disk image by Max Reitz. Unpack with tar xf Triangle source , raytracer source , nyan cat source , GRUB source.

    Surprise, Ubuntu is adding a new member to their family, Ubuntu Core! The new Snappy package manager makes it easy to share apps or containers with transactional updates. The whole image weighs in at MB and uses kernel confinement to isolate apps for security. Say hello to the new cloud guest operating system from Ubuntu! Mark Shuttleworth and Alexander Sack contributed this image.

    Unpack with tar xf ubuntu-core-alpha. A significant milestone in UEFI gaming? You be the judge in this showcase of virtual machines without legacy BIOS. Unpack with tar xf qemu-xmas-uefi-zork.