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To mark the occasion, I'm making a game for myself. That's a thousand different brews, each distinct by style, brewery or bottling. It's a lot of booze.

House of 1000 beers, New Kensington

A thousand beers in days averages out to one every 8. That's nearly three a day, 20 a week, or 84 a month.

Drinking 24 Beers In One Hour!!!

So in order to avoid pickling my liver and ending up like Nic Cage in Leaving Las Vegas , this game has rules. In order for a beer to count, I must drink enough of it to form an opinion, but I don't have to consume an entire bottle or pint.

Five Years, Posts, and Beers – Part 1 – The Dogs of Beer

Though I'm not allowed to count any particular beer twice, I can count separate years, if it's a brew where that makes a difference a Anchor Steam Christmas Ale, and a bottle, for instance. And it doesn't matter if the beer comes from a giant macro brewery like Anheuser-Busch or Molson Coors, a midsize company like Boston Beer or the Craft Brewers Alliance, or an up and coming foreign maker like Compania Cervecerias Unidas.

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For that matter, the beer can be made by a homebrewer in a batch of just a couple dozen bottles. If it's got water, hops and malt, it's game. I'll post updates on my progress, identifying each brew and providing a short review with a grade. A beer doesn't count until you've read about it here.

More than 1000 beers - 2be in Brugge / The Beerwall

In the future? Hopefully more of these types of posts, plus a few food related topics like BBQ or pizza, and a sprinkle of pop culture. Oh, and reviews will be back, promise. Delaware is producing some amazing beers at the moment and I want to spread the word to beer lovers out there that Delaware is much, much more than just Dogfish Head nothing but love for you DFH but come on, everyone knows who you are.

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  6. As always I want to thank every one who has taken the time to talk to me, especially the brewers and the owners who are willing to take so much of their valuable time to talk to a guy who merely writes about beer in a small mom and pop blog. But between you and me, I think she gets a kick out of the people who now come up at events to say hello to her. Coming up next…Part 2, where I share some stories and thoughts about one of my favorite beers which is no longer available around here, Untappd, and the pitfalls of putting too much thought into that th unique beer check-in.

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