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“Love Took His Breath Away”

So I just smiled and made a comment about seeing how well he cleaned my car and it made him laugh. Which I also liked. Side bar: I liked to laugh and I like to make people laugh and I like for others around me to like to laugh! I went back to the detail shop thinking the encounter was over and my car would be ready. I was suspicious but it gave him a chance to be really attentive to me which I liked.

But right when I was getting ready to go, I paid attention and it was as though he was building up the nerve to ask…This man does not seem shy, or self-conscious, or anything of the sort so when the realization happened, I was so flattered at the fact that he was searching for how to do so. Of course…that was when he messed up …We were still engaged in sparse small talk and he went back to the husband comment. That was ok. So right then, I wrote him off my list but I wanted to let him down gently. I literally could only laugh but again.. I did end up giving him my name and number but the experience itself was just…delightful.

I replayed it a couple of times and I started talking to God and just thanking Him for it. Because I needed that kind of confidence booster. I want to mention that the entry of Bruce and Felicity and Bruce's interactions will be up soon.

These chapters are a back story to the 'jealous' story which was part of my one shots 'Light Moments'. It's my first crossover I'm writing so be nice guys. I've always liked him a lot. I want to dedicate this to my friend Jen on tumblr.

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This entire series is dedicated to her for her birthday! Hope you and everyone else enjoys it. It was the Starling city's big annual fund raiser held by the established Queen family every year. They held this fundraiser to pick up the money for children who had lost their parents or parent in accidents.

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The event was a big deal and every year they called an established person to give a huge speech. Basically he was just a guy who acted like he really cared, gave a speech and left. Here's the catch: He always ended up donating the most to the fund raiser. This year everyone didn't think so. It wasn't all beautiful dresses, rich egoistical maniacs and booze.

It was about someone who had really lost their parents.

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Someone who related to the pain and trauma of losing people close to them. The chief of honor was none other than Bruce Wayne. CEO of Wayne Enterprises. He was coming in from Gotham city to be a part of this fundraiser. Moira had called Bruce to come to Starling city. She knew he had lost his parents at a very young age and thought he would be the best chief guest to come to the event. Bruce was charming and looked amazing. He was really polite and accepted the offer immediately as he thought it was for a good cause. He couldn't say no.

Oliver was busy the whole day.

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He had to close meetings and finish a bunch of paper work before tonight and Isabel was getting on his nerves especially today. She kept indirectly threatening him she would take over his company. He didn't like the idea of Bruce coming over. He was an egoistic bastard and he acted too smart like he knew everything.

But that was just Oliver. What really bothered him was Felicity being so happy about this. There is nothing to really like about him. I even studied a couple of years in boarding school with him. He was such a loser at school and puny too. I don't even know how he has so many girlfriends. He had no idea who Bruce really was. I googled him up. He looks great, not puny either. He knew she would have done something. Why would I? It's not like I'm going on a date with him or something. Bruce seemed harmless. She just found substantial information on him.

He had lost both his parents and became a billionaire.

Love Took His Breath Away

Very smart, playboy and had a lot of cars. He lived in a huge mansion like Oliver did. He never married either. Pretty smart too. She found the same things on all the websites. He was technologically well versed she heard from one of her fellow employees. Gossip was travelling faster these days. I trust you.

I have to go. A friend and I were staying with a local family in San Juan, and got up at 2. We got up to the top a little too early, so we sat waiting for quite a while — so if you do this — bring warm clothes with you!! Eventually the sky behind the mountains and volcanos were filled with amazing colors. My eyes were trying to take it all in but my heart could not get enough of this beautiful sight.

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Eco warrior from Sweden traveling full time Former jetsetter who quit flying for the environment Plant based nature and hiking lover. Now in: Sweden. Sustainability and conscious traveling. Eco Warrior. Here is a list of 5 places and sceneries that did just that — take my breath away. Lake Bohinj, Slovenia A lot of people have heard about the magical lake Bled in Slovenia, the one with a church on a tiny island in the middle of the lake.

And then I got there. Mihovil, Ugljan, Croatia I visited Zadar in early May in , when the parks known for their beauty, Plitvice and Krka were both flooded. Not knowing what to expect and an unexpected amount of free time on my hands, I did just that.